Author of the Stat Type Family is Jure Kožuh of Studio Grafikarna, Ljubljana, Slovenia. All work is protected under the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary & Artistic Works.
In case of any questions, please send an email.
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Circumstances of Low Visibility
High legibility in unfavorable circumstances
of distance, size, movement and similar.

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Large Character Set
Nearly 700 glyphs including ligatures, small caps, old-style figures, arrows and more.

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Styles & Weights
2 styles in 4 weights ( + negative weights
for display) with corresponding obliques.

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Optimal Size Ratio
Higher than average x height with optimal ascender and descender values.

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Distinctive Letter Shapes
Distinct form details for reduced possibility
of letter shape confusion.

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Wide Aperture and Balanced Counters
Reduced visual densification for better
letter recognition and less distraction.

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